Want to play with Google?

Google has made available a virtual play house for those that like to play with search engines – labs.google.com – Google Demos

Quote from The Register:

“These are experiments, we want people to play with them,” Google’s Nathan Tyler told us. An accompany FAQ stresses that the projects are in rough works-in-progress, suppported only by Google staff in their own time, and may be hauled offline at any moment for repair. “We ask for your indulgence if a demo refuses to run, or even walk quickly,” according to the FAQ

In the lab right now is the Google Glossary, Keyboard Shortcuts that makes a whole lot easier to navigate Google search results, Voice Search – dial-up voice search that lets you do searches with voice commands, and Google Sets that you really have to try out to understand.

I did a set where I used Flash, SVG and Shockwave, and got this search set back

The Glossary is also a nice resource, how about the Glossary definition of Flash?

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