Follow up: Macromedia Flash 5 player for Pocket PC 2002 released

For those unlucky souls trying to find a download from for the Flash 5 Pocket PC player, this url will not get you anywhere (at the time of this posting): Macromedia – Flash Player for Pocket PC : Download

While going the way via will allow you to download the Flash 5 player for Pocket PC 2002 (Also works on Pocket PC). You will have to click the url on the right hand side of the page, titled “Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC 2002”.

The interesting part is that the link on points to the Macromedia site, but I can’t find any links to the download from Which brings us the question; why is Macromedia playing hide and seek with this download?

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  1. Yes this is strange .. why are they annoying their customers …

    And I also wonder. If we as developers are to be pushing the limist of Flash and Flash MX is touted as being MOBILE enbaled … why are we stuck with Flash Player 5 and not 6 for these pocket PC’s?

    Where are the versions for Palm and Linux PDA’s too?? hmmm (my 2 cents he he he)

  2. It has always taken some time to get the Flash player out for mobile devices. It took 2 years from the Flash 5 player was released for Windows/Mac until it was released for Pocket PC.. I haven’t really ever gotten a clear answer from Macromedia as to why it takes so long, but from what I can gather – they make their SDK and then hand it out to the device manafacturers to deal with – so its really up to the device makers to make it available. (Please set me straight here, if I am wrong). Jeremy said something more about it in a video interview I did with him at FlashForward in San Francisco, but I will leave that to be watched whenever we get the video ready.

    As to the Palm PDA, there is a plug-in that was made as a proff-of-concept but never was released because that it was almost useless on the slow processors of the earlier Palms. (http:/// pointed to an interesting link regarding the Palm Flash player today:

    When it comes to the Linux PDAs, I think they can run the regular Flash Player for Linux, it would of course be interesting to know when the Flash MX player for Linux will be available..

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