Samuel become the new Frankenstein of Flash?

Funny to see a project that I was contemplating myself be realized. Samuel Wan is apparently having fun with Lego. Samuel has posted some info on his struggle to connect the wires to get his creation to come alive and talk with ColdFusion and Flash.

Samuel has really been good at blogging his project. From the initial “Phase 3: Hello World…?” to shouting loud and clear “It’s ALIVE!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!” and then documenting some of the resources he found on the journey “Resources for designing a LEJOS remote-control protocol

Its well worth looking through Sam’s may archive to get the full overview.

I really enjoyed being able to participate in the project, even if I didn’t lift a finger and wasn’t involved more than sitting back and cheering on. Now I am looking forward to see the code for it all ;-)

BTW: Branden is also tinkering with his Lego: “Damn, I’m a Lucky Guy…”

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