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Less is chic again

It is truely nice for a usability/programmer/none designer as me to see the major search engines going away from being overfilled portals to being user-centered and ridding themselves of all the flutt they used to have. Now I am just waiting for Excite and Yahoo to follow the trend. :-)

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I now have the right to know who YOU are

At least if you live in the USA. Using the DMCA subpoena provision, RIAA managed to convince a Washington D.C. Judge that they should be allowed access to information about a Kazaa user identity from the users ISP Verizon Internet Service. The Judge apparently believes that any copyright owner should be allowed access to any […]

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How Google REALLY works

Google has put together a really good FAQ named Google Information for Webmasters, it answeres all the questions many people have had about Google and how it works. Its nice to see put into word the good thoughts that is behind the web’s best search engine and search engine company. About time. [Via JD on […]

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Private and public

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, and besides from finding my inspiration out in the nature, I sometimes find sites with great photography on the net. Private and Public is one such site, made by a fellow scandinavian, the danish Simon Høgsberg. All of the photographs in his “Private and public” project was taken […]

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Netscape 1997-2002

Scott Andrew has made a nice little “tribute” to Netscape Netscape 4.0 – 1997 – 2002 Lets put Netscape 4.0 to rest. I agree with Scott when he says: Netscape 4.0 is five years old today. That’s like 236 in Web years. Ancient. The Methuselah of browsers, kept alive on an IV drip of tag […]

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