I now have the right to know who YOU are

At least if you live in the USA.

Using the DMCA subpoena provision, RIAA managed to convince a Washington D.C. Judge that they should be allowed access to information about a Kazaa user identity from the users ISP Verizon Internet Service.

The Judge apparently believes that any copyright owner should be allowed access to any net users identity, just by the merits of alleged copyright violations.

Now, since this weblog is copyright protected — I should also be able to claim copyright violation from anyone downloading it without my written consent. So guys and girls, I am now on the way to Washington to get to know who you all are! ;-)

Here is the story: EFF: Judge Orders Verizon to Reveal Identity of KaZaA User (January 22, 2003)

2 thoughts on “I now have the right to know who YOU are”

  1. Oh fine. Look, I don’t mind admitting it. I come to your web site all the time and read your news. Then I go to Flazoom.com and comment on what you post. I also stole your stylesheet and made a skin for Flazoom.com that looks *just* *like* *your* *site*.

    bwah ha ha ha!


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