What not to do when you want support

John Dowdell, one of the forum surfers and participators at Macromedia writes:

Thread titles I skipped over today:

“Can this be done?”, “Help please”, “URGENT – going crazy!!”, “Test this?”, “This is all absorbing”, “Here is a strange one”, “printing”, “test”, “Re: books”, “Why doesn’t this work?”, “Another question!”, and pretty much anything with “CSS” or “site check” in the title.

I used to be a pretty active Usenet and web forums participant, and the titles John mentions would have made me jump right over the posts.

If you have had problems finding good answers, it might just be that you need to read Eric Raymond’s How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. I am not saying that you have to ask exactly the way Eric is saying, but take the time to read it and you will get some a-ha’s to how you can make your questions – and ultimately the answers you will get – better..

The only problem is that the problem posters that hasn’t even figured out what they are actually asking won’t likely read through Eric’s long introduction on how to ask smart questions.

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