Happy new year

Thought I would share this old photo of fireworks, taken a few years ago. I was planning to take pictures of the fireworks this year, but used the time to be with my loved ones and pay respects to all the people that died in the worst catastrophe to hit our earth in recent time. I hope you and yours are safe, and wish you all the best for 2005. This year I pledge to do more for those that are worse off than me, and to write more in

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Bloggers contribute to the charity for the victims of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean

Have to pass this challenge for contributions along from Norwegian blogger Anders Jacobsen: Thoughts at the end of 2004 (Anders Jacobsen’s blog) I have decided to donate US$ 150 to the British Red Cross (through Amazon’s non-profit charity drive) to support the emergency aid work currently going on after this week’s tsunami in the Indian Ocean. I challenge other webloggers that are able to to contribute similarly. has contributed US$ 100 and pass the challenge along. In related news: Going from cheap to generous, the USA has changed its

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Seasonal Greetings

Merry Christmas, happy new year, and all other seasonal greetings that are appropriate depending on your religion and nationality. I hope this holiday will bring peace and time with your loved ones. And that the new year will bring you more luck and happiness than the year that has past. The picture was taken in November when we had the first snow here in Oslo (Norway). At the moment all the snow has rained away.

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Clever e-mail virus

I received this e-mail today, with an attached file called “Readme.pif”. Dear user, the management of mailing system wants to let you know that, Some of our clients complained about the spam (negative e-mail content) outgoing from your e-mail account. Probably, you have been infected by a proxy-relay trojan server. In order to keep your computer safe, follow the instructions. Pay attention on attached file. Have a good day, The team Of course, I AM the team – AND Norton had deleted the PIF file before

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Its time for another redesign. I was initially tempted to add a little more sassynes with images etc. But I decided to keep it clean and lean ;-) I have removed a lot of javascript features, such as the pop-up window for commens, and I have also added more meta data. Some for the pleasure of the reader, others as experiments to see how they affect search engine rankings. The design was inspired and based upon the work of Anders Jacobsen’s blog. A version of the new design can also

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Food for thought: Arrest me

William Rivers Pitt: Arrest me George W. Bush is out of control. I’ll say it again. George W. Bush is out of control. I’m waiting for the black government cars to come squealing up in front of my house, for the thump of leather on my stairs, for the sound of knuckles on my door, for the feel of steel braceleting my wrists, for the smell of urine in some dank Federal holding cell as I listen to questions from men who no longer feel the constricting boundaries of constitutional

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