Food for thought: Arrest me

William Rivers Pitt: Arrest me

George W. Bush is out of control.

I’ll say it again.

George W. Bush is out of control.

I’m waiting for the black government cars to come squealing up in front of my house, for the thump of leather on my stairs, for the sound of knuckles on my door, for the feel of steel braceleting my wrists, for the smell of urine in some dank Federal holding cell as I listen to questions from men who no longer feel the constricting boundaries of constitutional law abutting their duties.

Sounds paranoid, doesn’t it? Straight out of the Turner Diaries, maybe. Sounds like I’m waiting for the ominous whop-whop-whop of the blades on a black helicopter churning the air over my home. Sounds like I’m waiting to find a laser dot on my chest above my heart before the glass breaks and the bullet pushes my guts out past my spine.

Crazy, right?[…]

6 thoughts on “Food for thought: Arrest me”

  1. Yes, you are paranoid. However, one bright spot for me, maybe you will be too paranoid to vote agaist George in 2004.

    Until our constitution changes (not just some left leaning paranoid’s interpetation of it,but the actual document…which of course will never happen as long as Americans retain thier 2nd amendment right to own and bear arms) you will be able to vote against young George when he comes up for re-election. Provided of course you live in the USA, have not committed a felony and take the time to do so.

    I sincerely hope George sends the troups in soon. I hope they win a dicisive victory and do it quickly. I hope the Iracis can soon live in a democratic society and express thier opinions just like you and I.

    God help us if our president pulls back now. War is never a good thing. But sometimesot going to war is worse. There are somethings are worth fighting for.


  2. Did you read the whole piece? I sincerely hope you do.

    Let me quote some more

    “Ask Andrew J. O’Conner of Santa Fe, New Mexico if it sounds crazy. Mr. O’Conner, a former public defender from Santa Fe, was arrested in a public library and interrogated by Secret Service agents for five hours on February 13th.

    His crime?

    He said “Bush is out of control” on an internet chat room, and was arrested for threatening the President.”

    Sometimes I think people in the US is just too damn gullable and naive, but considering the well endured spam business, as well as all the other “snake oil” salesmen in the country I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked.

    And yes, we do have oil in “our backyard” here in Norway. Not that it matters much, since we send most of our money to be lost on the american stock market (buying snake oil), the money we have left we have to give to the European Union to be allowed to sell our fish to them. (that and oil is pretty much the only export goods from Norway).

    Damn, you got me depressed now.

  3. Sorry Jarle, didn’t want to depress anyone. I would agree that my gov’t pulls some shady stuff.

    Please don’t make generalized statements about americans unless you have actually met all of us.

    Another word for gullible and naive would be trusting. I do not think war is a “computer game” and I do not think I am “hypocritical”. As for the spam, I read that most of it is coming from Russia (but you can’t always beleive everything you read) Regarding your gov’t, I believe you should spend some time studying yours to see if their actions are always moral and ethical. I apologize for the snake oil salesmen over here and wonder if Norway has a police force. It sounds like you have no people who break the law.

    I was born here but if there is a place where everyone treats each other decently and honestly, I would like to move there. I too believe there should be a peacefull solution to all differences.

    The words that leap to mind are gullible and naive.I have been taken advantage of many times but I still have hope in the general goodness of human nature. If you are ever in the U.S., you are more than welcome to stay at my house. You seem like a smart, decent person and I could show you that all “americans” are not inherently evil.

  4. P.S. Jarle, I did read the whole article. It is pretty scary. I did notice that the man who was arrested was an activist for years. That may have put him on some kind of “watch him” list. I don’t know if the president was even aware of this man. It could be an overzealous subordinate in any one of the security agencies. As I said earlier, extremism of any form can be harmful. I did notice that no harm has come to Mr. Pitt,(yet) but he made the exact same statement. I do not agree with everything my gov’t does. It sounds like you do not agree with everything your gov’t does (i.e. investing in the “snake oil” market) I think you have many valid points, but all we can do to change things here is speak out and vote for who we feel is right. I personally do not trust any politician. I strongly feel the best person for office could be the one who really doesn’t want the job. Off the subject, your english is excellent, and I do not speak (or write) any norwegian. Your blog makes for interesting reading.

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