On top of my wish list

28th of may I will be 29 for the third time, and one or more of these wouldn’t be bad. *g*. Apple seem to have produced a killer server with their Xserve server. I will probably be looking into using these boxes for web hosting/streaming later this year. Trust me, this is cool stuff (although not exactly revolutionary in any way): Mac OS X Server recognizes Mac, Windows, UNIX and Linux clients right out of the box, providing cross-platform support for key server services, such as Apache web server and

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The Oscars

Fun to see Camille (my 12 year old step-daughter) cheering for her favorite film – Lord of the rings. We are watching the direct broadcast from LA right now, in the middle of the night – here in Norway. Nice to see that the Oscar has a good website up this year, which is actually updated to the minute with the winners of the various categories. 74th Annual Academy Awards And there is even someone blogging the Oscars

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