4 thoughts on “Todays good news: Bush cancels trip to Oslo, Norway”

  1. LOL. I think its hard to imagine a more peaceful place, most of the time. But a visit by the US president these days aren’t exactly silent or peaceful events… For some strange reason.

    As to using it more useful, I don’t know about that. What will he be doing instead? Relaxing at one of his many resorts? ;-)

  2. Is the way you tell them apart by deciding which came to power legally, as opposed to inheriting a legacy?

    Not that I’m bitter or anything.

  3. Hum..What shall I say?

    I think it is okay for wolves to go plain clothes, I just don`t think sheepskin and hypocrisy is chic..but then, I am a damn European..and one day you barbarians will drink your budweizer out of my skullcap, wont you?

    Btw; A little riddle for you which is unintelligible if you happen to be a Republican:

    Did Bush come by power legally? He`d flunk an Internationally monitored election, you damn well know that.

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