Google viewer

A cool new way to watch search results are shown with the Google Viewer, fresh out of the Google labs. I am ever amazed how fresh and clued this company is :-) Must be perfect for people that just want to browse through search results, although using it on my 800×600 laptop wasn’t 100% perfect.

More search engines indexing Flash

Its nice to see Fast (, Lycos, Scandinavia Online, InfoSpace, T-Online, and Tiscali) start to include information gathered from swfs in their search index. From before Google and Atomz have been indexing SWFs for their search engines. Atomz recently expanded their offer of indexing SWFs to their enterprise search engine, used by many company sites,…… Continue reading More search engines indexing Flash

Google Zeitgeist or statistics galore

Interesting Google resource – Zeitgeist, it gives insight into what has been on peoples minds in the way that it shows what people have been looking for at Google. [Via Mario Klingemann]

Vanity search

Ok, this is just vanity stuff, I don’t have a vanity plate (if I did, it would probably be jdb something or the other), but I can have my fun with a vanity search. How about my first name on Google? Google Search: jarle Today I am no. 1 when searching “for pages written in…… Continue reading Vanity search

Fun with Google API

The last days, trying to keep updated on the Macromedia Studio MX releases, its been fun to keep updated with the Google API. The resources at Macromedia instantly showed up at Google almost at the time they were released, and the search result for “Macromedia MX” changes all the time, if not hour by hour…… Continue reading Fun with Google API

Google reveals API

This is great news for people wanting to hook into the most powerful search engine on the web. Google has released its API (basically an interface towards its huge database of websites) Google Web APIs With the Google Web APIs service, software developers can query more than 2 billion web documents directly from their own…… Continue reading Google reveals API