Why Sugarsync rocks more than Dropbox, and how to get free space

Don’t know what Sugarsync is? In a few words: Easy backup, 5 GB of free space, and an easy way to share your files (especially the big ones) with other people. If you want even more free space than those 5 GB, use this link to sign up. That way I will get some more…… Continue reading Why Sugarsync rocks more than Dropbox, and how to get free space

Joost invites

If you know someone using Joost, then you have a way of getting an invite. Now its open for everyone that knows someone that has a Joost account. OK, I see I have to update: I will give you a Joost invite, but its not free for all anymore. The Joost invitation system is a…… Continue reading Joost invites

Joost in public beta

Joost invites are VERY popular these days. If you don’t know what Joost is – let me tell you. Its the new “product” of the creators of Skype and Kazaa. Its a streaming peer-to-peer TV-network. You should check out Joost!Hopefully I will be able to give away some invites soon too, so stay tuned! The…… Continue reading Joost in public beta

Gmail invites swept away

Either the figure of 1.5 million invites was exaggerated or isnoop has parted with almost 1.4 million invites in 24 hours! Because now the available Gmail spool is down to about 160.000. isnoop.net gmail invite spooler [Update 7th of june 2005] – Googles Gmail product manager did not like the Gmail invite spooler and pressed…… Continue reading Gmail invites swept away

Korean Flash Blog

RedFlash weblog is a Korean blog I can’t read at all – but I figured out that he or she must have read my weblog (on the count of the links to my blog, of course) and is obviously interested in Flash (judging from the links). Well, this might be totally useless info. But I…… Continue reading Korean Flash Blog