Flash interface for Jabber

There are so many great Flash projects going on. Sean Voisen at eat orange is working on integrating Flash with Jabber, his already has a Flash/Jabber Groupchat Client in early beta available for download.

Sean writes:

I’ve had some early interest (mainly from Jabber developers) in my Flash MX/Jabber Groupchat client. As such I’ve posted what I have for download here.

Please note that this version is very alpha, and currently serves only as an illustration that chat on Jabber with Flash is very real and very possible.

I think Jabber is becoming a great interface for a lot of different applications being that it is a XML-based protocol for instant messaging and presence. “Jabber-based software is deployed on thousands of servers across the internet and is used by over a million people worldwide. The protocol itself is managed by the Jabber Software Foundation (more info).” to use their own words.

Jabber is already used in web services/weblog types of applications. Seeing an interface and use for Jabber together with Flash makes for an interesting combination with many possibilities.

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