Quasimondo Flash Google API search

Mario keeps proving that he knows how to use the new cool features of Flash MX, and the equally cool features of the Google API with his Google API Flash banner

He is using it on all the stories on the frontpage of Quasmindo.com, kind of scary that I am the only search result associated with the story about “the search for Quasimodo”. :-)

Mario has made the full source code for the Google API Flash banner available, great job Mario!

I have been contemplating including it on my own blog, but I think that if I do, I will do it purely on the individual stories and not on the index. I haven’t really tested it out – but I have a feeling that many SWFs running on the frontpage at the same time doesn’t really treat peoples CPU’s all too good.

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  1. Of course it is completely up to you what you are searching for. In my case I search for the title, because I like the weird connections this creates. But you could also search for more defined words.

    BTW – thank you for the link!

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