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Claus has launched his own weblog. I miss commenting, permalinks and an RSS feed, not to mention a way to see when the various posting actually was posted (time and date would have been great), aside from the nitpicking this weblog is sure to become an interesting resource. Claus has some interesting projects going, like Deng CSS/XHTML parser and the jpeg2swf converter

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  1. Good Comments. Commenting, Permalinks and Date/Time/Author will be added shortly. RSS Feed *does* work, and that’s actually the trick, the web page itself “index.xml” is an RSS file! It just has an XSLT attached that converts it automatically into XHTML in IE6. We’re not going to use Moveable Type or Radio UserLand, just DENG, which means just making it work in XML, CSS, XHTML and XForms in a clever way, fully based on W3C standards and fully on the client-side, with maximum Layout/Design possibilites. Since it *is* XHTML/CSS, I can do everything in XHTML and CSS and still have the RSS syndication power. You can check by e.g. using the RSS Viewer from Nuwance http://www.nuwance.com/rss.html and adding my blog: http://webaccess.mozquito.com/features/index.xml


    – Claus

  2. Hi Sebastian, great stuff. I should have understood that something like that was going on. I successfully loaded your url into my favorite RSS reader (Amphetadesk) and it worked like a charm :-)

  3. Hey Jarle,

    isn’t it slick? I’m glad you understood it. I’ll be setting up a “How this Blog works” page soon, or call it “How to build a Blog in 100% pure XML”.

    BTW, we’ve now added links and timeStamps, and tried to make the look&feel better, still just using W3C stuff. And soon there will be commenting, which is the whole point why XForms and DENG are needed in the first place. It seems that we can really go the whole nine yards with just using XML itself…


    – Sebastian :-)

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