Flash interface for Jabber

There are so many great Flash projects going on. Sean Voisen at eat orange is working on integrating Flash with Jabber, his already has a Flash/Jabber Groupchat Client in early beta available for download. Sean writes:I’ve had some early interest (mainly from Jabber developers) in my Flash MX/Jabber Groupchat client. As such I’ve posted what…… Continue reading Flash interface for Jabber

Fun with Google API

The last days, trying to keep updated on the Macromedia Studio MX releases, its been fun to keep updated with the Google API. The resources at Macromedia instantly showed up at Google almost at the time they were released, and the search result for “Macromedia MX” changes all the time, if not hour by hour…… Continue reading Fun with Google API

Flash Google API

More cool stuff, there is a lot of work being put into making a good Flash frontend for Google: The initial thread on were-here 720 Flash frontend (google.public.web-apis announcement) David Burrows PHP Flash to Google API Bridge Flash Google Interface implemented at flash-db.com

More Google API

I hope you get to check out the Google Box I have added, using Sebastian Bergmann’s excellent Google API PHP class together with PEAR’s SOAP client (soon to get a homepage). Ohh, BTW: I can’t wait till someone connects Moveable Type with the Google spellcheck. The spellcheck Paolo Valdermarin calls “The most democratic dictionary” (well…… Continue reading More Google API

Google API implementations

A few implementations of the Google API has surfaced: SoapWare.Org : Services > Google API > Implementations And Dave Winer has some thoughts about

Google reveals API

This is great news for people wanting to hook into the most powerful search engine on the web. Google has released its API (basically an interface towards its huge database of websites) Google Web APIs With the Google Web APIs service, software developers can query more than 2 billion web documents directly from their own…… Continue reading Google reveals API