RSS 1.0 Blog Reader and web services

Jeffrey Hill of is busy making cool Flash front-ends for web services. One of them are the RSS 1.0 Blog Reader

I’ll share his very interesting e-mail with you all:

it does add a new twist to other RSS news readers as it’s based off of a web service. The service (remotely hosted) returns an array – so there’s no need to parse any XML in Flash. The service should also work well with Flash remoting, as you can load the array directly into flash with remoting. However the current client for the service uses php instead.

The Client (Click view example for Demo):

The Service Listing and info

The directory contains quite a few web service listings, similar to, with the exception that all of the clients are Flash Based. It’s my hope that more companies start using Flash as an interface for web services so I’m trying to promote them as much as possible. The directory is also all set up for people to buy and sell web services and clients/custom components for those services…

The best part of the directory is the Flash WSDL parser which parses and displays any WSDL file in an easy to read Flash interface.

I’ve got some next level services coming out in the next 2 weeks that I can’t mention the details on, but they involve using Ming. And won’t be


I know I will check out the Web Services Directory at Flash-db. Lots of interesting projects there. And I can’t wait to see the commercial project Jeffrey is working on :-)

But I am in doubt, is Flash MX really a useful front-end for web services, with its rather rigid security? Please share what you know and think with me.

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  1. Actually, with Flash remoting in place there really aren’t any issues with security. :-) Everything is proxied through the gateway.

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