Flash MX, video and angles

Lisa Delgado, Wired’s dedicated Flash writer, has taken the time to write about ESPNs use of Flash MX to make available videos with multiple angles on their EXPN.com site, as well as a lot of other uses for video in Flash.

ESPN has really made good use of Flash MX on their site. And the session they had about it at FlashForward 2002 San Francisco really blew me away.

2 thoughts on “Flash MX, video and angles”

  1. Dude, that EXPN session at FF2K2 San Fran was AWESOME. I think it was the first truly ‘inspiring’ use of Flash video I’d seen.

    I’ve actually been expecting tons of people to start doing video in a similar way, but then again, who has a camera array consisting of 36 cameras just lying around, waiting to be used? Not many :)

  2. I have to agree – ESPN makes great use of not only Flash, but Web technology in general. I was on EXPN last night checking out replays from this weekend X Games events, and man that’s a nice site. Tight writing, clean design, good UI and the great use of tech, seems to have it all.

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