Amazon Web Services and Amazon Light

Amazon has been fiddling with XML and its API for a while, but finally got around to releasing the “ Web Services

The Google API like interface has already spawned cool new interfaces for – like Amazon Light, which I have to admit – might very well become my favorite access to

[Via Dave Winer]

5 thoughts on “Amazon Web Services and Amazon Light”

  1. Hello,

    I was reading this:

    I think it could drive developers into the webservices!

    You can see a full implementation of the REST (XML-RPC API) interface of Amazon Web Services, online in this shop:

    Created with PHP, Amazon Webservices version 2 and using a caching layer. Features search, categories search (try searching for “digital camera” in the camera shop), 3-4 level deep categories listings, product features, reviews, chatting, and also product features and prices comparisons

    Calin Uioreanu

    Director of the simplest shop

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