Gmail invites swept away

Either the figure of 1.5 million invites was exaggerated or isnoop has parted with almost 1.4 million invites in 24 hours! Because now the available Gmail spool is down to about 160.000. gmail invite spooler

[Update 7th of june 2005] – Googles Gmail product manager did not like the Gmail invite spooler and pressed to shut the service down. As of yesterday it no longer exists. Way to go Google :(

5 thoughts on “Gmail invites swept away”

  1. I don’t like the GMail spooler one bit.

    It is automated. There is no “is this a human requesting the address” check. Grabbing thousands and thousands of GMail accounts is easy for a spammer.

    If a spammer grabs let’s say 50 000 GMail accounts and is able to send 20 spams from each account, before Google shuts it down, GMail will have sent out one million spams. Not good.

  2. The site does throttle to the number of requests you can put it … if you do it too many times, it will block you from attempting to request for more. In the past, it keeps a record of the email addresses that had requested for gmail invite, so if you ask for more than one, it’ll stop you. I’m sure that it’s also scanning the IP address from where you’re making the request and if there’s any duplication within a certain time frame, it’ll block you.

    There are many other security features that have been put in place to probably prevent others from massively hoarding Gmail account invites.

  3. The Gmail Invite Spooler is no longer available. It was deactivated midnight on June 7, 2005. The Product Manager of Gmail wouldn’t tolerate the service.

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