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How to optimize your Movable Type blog for search engines

Nice article with many good tips from fellow norwegian blogger Anders Jacobsen: Optimizing Movable Type – Keyword links

While it will be interesting to see if the keywords will help making the search engines find blog entries, his tip will help you make content in your blog be more accessible to your users via MTs own search.

He also lists a lot of other good tips for making MT blogs more accessible, and of course – more visible in search engines.

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Refining searches

Interesting article by Brian Berstein about Tools that refine web searches.

Brian writes about Vivisimo that groups searches from Google in a more intuitive way. Seems to work OK for English, but not so good for other languages.

While Brian writes extensively about Vivisimo, he also touches on some other interesting search refinement tools, such as Grokker, Touchgraph and a few search engines that rival Google.

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Need to search blogs?

Ari Paparo has put together an impressive list of Blog Search Engines

I honestly didn’t know that there was so many services out there to search blogs and their feeds.

[Via Digme via Weblog Hype]

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Is Google good for you?

Bill Thompson at BBC World Service asks the question Is Google good for you?

He talks about how Google has become more commercial, and claims that we are all suffering because of it. He actually goes as far as suggesting that search is now so important that it should be regulated, just like telecom and broadcasters are in the UK.

While I will admit I don’t mind regulation of several areas, and that I am missing the regulation of power companies that we enjoyed in Norway until last year, I don’t think the solution in this case is regulation.

As Google has so skillfully showed us, emerging from nothing only a few years ago, if a service is good enough it will attract users.

Google has showed respect for its users by avoiding paid placement in its search engine. Unlike Overture and Yahoo – its largest competitors today.

The way to get Google off of its “throne” as the number one search engine is not to regulate, but for someone to come up with a search engine as user friendly and powerful as Google or preferably a lot better. Until that happens Google will remain the prominent search engine on the web.

BTW: Bill is promising to diversify his searches in the year to come. Let me suggest taking a look at, which in my humble opinion is one of Googles most worthy competitors today.

[Via JD on MX]

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Google adds ‘~’ operator

Google Weblog: Big News! New Google Operator

So what is the big deal? The ~ operator adds the ability to search for synonyms of the keyword marked with the “~”.

Example: weblog help and weblog ~help

According to the Google Blog the ~ character was chosen because it’s shorthand for approximate and a good way for users to express their wish to expand searches to include synonyms.

More information at Google’s search help

[Via Google Blog]

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More about Google Adsense

The Google Weblog has discovered that you can check out what ads would be shown on any given website. Interesting stuff: Try Before You Sell

Not everyone believe that Google Adsense is a good idea:

Pamela Parker at ClickZ Today writes about her initial response in her article Does Google’s AdSense Make Sense?

Her point is that Google’s advertising won’t work as good when placed on web sites, as when it is displayed on their search pages, because people act differently when they are in search mode, as opposed to when they are in surf mode.

BTW: My weblog was rejected from the program. And I have to agree with Google about rejecting it. But I am afraid that they will have the headache of many grey cases, and a lot of noise where they admit one site and reject another similar one. Especially since site inclusion in the program is decided case-by-case and probably by different people.

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Google AdSense makes sense

Googles new advertisment service Google AdSense was launched this week, and I have had the chance to test it for a couple of days, and I must say I am very impressed.

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GoogleGuy Says

This is very interesting: A blog with quotes from Google staff’s Usenet postings.

Instead of having to keep updated on various Usenet groups and Google staffs postings there, all I have to do is add GoogleGuy Says to my blog-reader and I’m automatically updated on postings. Just wish I could put more blogs than Evan’s to the list of Google staff blogging.

BTW: If you want to keep updated on new results for searches in Google, then you might want to check out the excelent e-mail service from Google Alert (read to FAQ to get to know more about the service). Looks like a ready good service if you want to keep updated on a subject, or just want to know whenever the search for your name changes ;-)

[Via JD on MX]

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Googles only real competitor bought by Overture

In the news today (Google news): The purchase of and its technology from Fast Search and Transfer to Overture Services Inc for 100 million US dollars.

That, just a week after they announced their takeover of the Altavista search engine. Its going to be interesting to see if Overture, which made its money from pay-for-placement search, will add more of the same to both AltaVista and AllTheWeb.

To me, it seems like AllTheWeb soon will be filled with pay-for-placement ads, and that it will become less of a competitor to Google.

[Via andersja’s blog]

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Google vs Evil

Interesting article in Wired: Google vs. Evil, its about the challenges facing Google as it (to use Wired’s words) matures into teenage, its interesting to get small glimpses into the culture that drives Google.