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The Google Weblog has discovered that you can check out what ads would be shown on any given website. Interesting stuff: Try Before You Sell

Not everyone believe that Google Adsense is a good idea:

Pamela Parker at ClickZ Today writes about her initial response in her article Does Google’s AdSense Make Sense?

Her point is that Google’s advertising won’t work as good when placed on web sites, as when it is displayed on their search pages, because people act differently when they are in search mode, as opposed to when they are in surf mode.

BTW: My weblog was rejected from the program. And I have to agree with Google about rejecting it. But I am afraid that they will have the headache of many grey cases, and a lot of noise where they admit one site and reject another similar one. Especially since site inclusion in the program is decided case-by-case and probably by different people.

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  1. Ok, though it’s interesting that they do just that at blogger. What will be the fraction of personal sites at blogger?

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