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Googles new advertisment service Google AdSense was launched this week, and I have had the chance to test it for a couple of days, and I must say I am very impressed.

It seems natural to asume that this new service from Google is based on technology they aquired when buying Applied Semantics and their AdSense software (among other technologies).

The system promises to do for advertisment what Google has done for web search, that is – revolutionize it! The technology for placing appropriate ads on web pages based on the content on the pages is really good, the system really manages to do its job placing highly targeted ads based on content on the pages.

I have been testing Google AdSense at for a few days now, and there we see a click-through rate of 4%, which is really impressive. The only other text ads system I know of with simular results is Googles own ads placements on their search results. Something tells me AdSense will become a block-buster advertisement channel. I would love to see the total statistics for ads served and click-through rate of the whole system.

What is even more impressive with Google AdSense is that they have opened the program to small sites. Almost any site can participate. But as always, there are limitations, so take a look at their program policies to see if your site will be approved into the program.

Among the limitations are that no personal pages are allowed into the program, which makes it hard for bloggers to know if they are allowed into the program. SearchEngineWatch writes:

“In general, we’re looking for at this stage web sites with more standardized content,” Wojcicki said. “Blogs are an example of a gray area, and we will review them on a case-by-case basis to see if they fit our network.”

This will be a difficult area for Google, because blogging tools aren’t just used by those wishing to express personal views. Some use them simply because they are an easier way to publish a web site focused on a particular topic.

Personally I see that my site is in that exact grey area. While my blog is listed as a Flash blog in many circumstances, and is heavy on technology it is also filled with my own personal perspective on other un-related areas.

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  1. Google Confidential Information

    I’ve been experimenting with Google AdSense and closely watching the conversation about it across the blogosphere. As much as I’d like to share my thoughts, I’m restricted by Google AdSense Standard Terms and Conditions. Specifically: 8. Confidentialit…

  2. You are not supposed to share your Adsense statistics as it is against their rules. I’m not blowing you in, I just wanted to let you know. Some sites out there won’t even let you comment on general statistics like “I get good results”.

  3. As far as I can see the only statistics I have shared was the first weeks general click-through rate. Something tells me the rules are in place to make sure someone don’t set up a matrix to show what works and not works for the whole world to see. Not that I think that would hurt Google either.

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