MT killed my post

MT just killed an entry I had been working on for 30 minutes. Will try to re-write. And at the same time see if Opera is as forgetful as Internet Explorer.

[Update] Yes, it seems like Opera is the better browser for blogging. It does NOT forget postings if something goes wrong. Opera is as always highly recommended, just have to start remembering my own recommendations ;-)

BTW: Even got to work a little on implementing a spell checker in Opera. Found a spell checker that uses, works great, and utilizes the power of Opera’s highly extendible and accessible interface. (Its really amazing how easy it is to add stuff to Opera!).

Well, OK. Maybe the fact that chokes on URLs is a considerable minus. Hm, any good ideas on good spell checkers or services for Opera welcome!

3 thoughts on “MT killed my post”

  1. This is why I’ve begun ALWAYS creating entries (for MT or anything else on the Web) in a non-browser window, such as Notepad, or better yet, in Zoot (which autosaves content every minute or two).

    It’s been a bit of a habit to cultivate, but it’s been well worth it!

  2. Actually, it works great in Opera. I have a couple of things I don’t like about using MT in Opera though: the quick tagging (URLs and other such important stuff) isn’t working, and I am still trying to find a good spellchecker that is intergrated into Opera.

    The error that tripped me was MT trying to find out if it could ping the https url’s, and the Perl SSL library throwing in a bad error, causing a 500 error message. Will have to look into that later, for now I am just disabeling the auto-detect feature in MT.

  3. How about using the Google API for your spell checker? not sure if it’d work in Opera persay .. but yea …

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