Vanity search

Ok, this is just vanity stuff, I don’t have a vanity plate (if I did, it would probably be jdb something or the other), but I can have my fun with a vanity search.

How about my first name on Google? Google Search: jarle

Today I am no. 1 when searching “for pages written in any language”, and no.3 when searching in just norwegian pages.

What is more surprising is that I am no.1 when searching for “jdb“, no. 9 and 10 too. Mind you. (This may very well change, but thats how it is when I am writing this).

Yes, I know. I am childish :-D And it would probably not have been equally easy if my name was Dave, Mike or John

2 thoughts on “Vanity search”

  1. Thats bad. :-D This is kinda funny though, its an article about searching your dates. Apperantly women usualy search the men they go out with, while us men — we search ourselfs…

    Quote:”Speaking generally, girls Google guys, and guys Google themselves. (That, said McCaffrey, is a “vanity search.”) Men said they don’t tend to Google, because if a woman is a babe, no bad data in the world could forestall a date”

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