Software: PixFont 2.0 – an easy way to create Pixel Fonts for Flash

PixFont 2.0 made by the russian company Kgroup is a small TrueType Font to TrueType Pixel font converter. The application fixes the problem with the default smoothing of fonts in Flash.

Cresk reports that the program says its not a valid Win32 application on his Windows 2000 Professional machine, it seemed to work ok on my W2K machine. But the program seems a little tickelish about how it is run.

A partly disabled version of PixFont 2.0 is available for download from Kgroup, a full version will set you back US $29.

[UPDATE: Kgroup has removed the download because of legal problems. When and if the download will be available again is uncertain]

[Via cresk on Flash Aesthetics]

2 thoughts on “Software: PixFont 2.0 – an easy way to create Pixel Fonts for Flash”

  1. I want create a new true type fonts for some different symbolic texts. The fonts should be installable in windows and is to be usable in all the programmes running the Windows. Is this program capable of that or what should i do for it ?

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