Got to link to the Goddesses

Its probably safer to link to these Goddesses of Flash, than to try to ignore them *g*. So thats what I decided to do.

Flash Goddess is a new web site dedicated to women working with Flash.

Ann-Marie Cheung wanted to highlight that this is not just a male business and the quest is on to “discover where all the Flash Goddesses are hiding. Of course anyone up on their Flash would have heard of Jessica Spiegel (, We’re-Here Forums) or Irene Chan (, but there must surely be more…”

I am not sure how I feel about gender spesific sites, but I agree that its neat to be able to see that its not just a male-only business. Ann-Marie has done a good job so far, and with your help she is sure to discover even more Flash talents (her e-mail is on the site).


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