Photos getting better?

Photography has for some reason become one of my time wasters. I guess buying a lot of expensive equipment and wanting to get to know how to use it will do that to you.

As some of you might remember, I recently purchased a new digital camera. (It was about time, my previous camera was bought in the previous century ;-)

What do you think about one of the later pictures I have taken? I am setting up Gallery these days, and I promise to post a link to the new gallery as soon as I am happy with the setup.

Norwegian spring

I have been interested in photography for a long time, but getting new possibilities as well as new challenges. So here are some cool photo related links I have picked up so far:

Photo information sites:

  • Digital Camera Reviews has a lot of intersting information. Along with the great reviews and price guide there is also a user forum for many of the major digital cameras out there
  • Megapixel has a lot of interesting tutorials and information. Both in english and french.
  • has always been one of my favorite photo related sites. Its huge with a big community, forums, tutorials and galleries. Well worth a visit
  • Even if you don’t have a Canon digital camera, you might find a lot of interesting photo related stuff at Canons digital photography site.

Viewing others photographs:

  • Sensitive Light – Very cool site, especially like the macro photography.
  • Extrospection – fellow norwegian blogger Anders has his own photoblog, very nice pictures there.
  • has many cool photograps in her photoblog, updated almost daily with great shots.
  • Shutterbug australian photographer and blogger Tracey shares some of her coolest photos
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