I will not be shut up

It seems like telling the truth and speaking your mind will get you in trouble wherever you are. At the very least it will get you some interesting e-mails threatening you with lawyers. That was exactly what happened again, today. I received another e-mail threatening me with lawyers. Maybe I should start a new category…… Continue reading I will not be shut up

A McSpoof please

As if it wasn’t obvious what would happen, McDonalds launced their own “Design-your-own-banner” campaign. The results can be viewed on top here. (Curtesy of AdRants) and on MonkeySpan which has lots of links to creative McDonald’s spoofs. I bet some people over at AdBusters must be delighted, although – it might appear that McDonalds should…… Continue reading A McSpoof please

Into Macromedia?

Or into something else? If you haven’t seen Macromedia’s excellent INTO – What are you into?, then you really should take some minutes to check it out. It features many interesting stories of peoples use of the internet and the web. One of the better is Tim O’Reilly talking about how the internet was a…… Continue reading Into Macromedia?

Nikken replies?

I am not sure if this reply was supposed to be an official reply from Nikken. But I thought it was so funny I should share it with you all. Its a comment to my first entry about the whole Nikken ordeal. Let me quote the comment in full. With all the interesting information: IP…… Continue reading Nikken replies?

Nikken Update

The Nikken story continues, in this episode the threats are narrowed down to a couple of comments, and additional threats are generously distributed to the Nikken distributors.


Please tell me that this is just a joke: PABAAH!. PABAAH stands for “Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood”. From what I have seen (Daily Show) and read (on the PABAAH site). I think the whole movement should be called “Supporting Bush and Mccarthyism against critiques” Calling people that happen to disagree with W. Bush communists…… Continue reading PABAAH!

Copyright – what right?

This slashdot posting was really interesting. its brief look at the history of copyright, and the misuse of it. Slashdot: Copyright The scary stuff for me, living outside the US, is how the process of weakening the established fair use is also affecting Europe and european countries. [Via Waxpraxis]