Summer vacation

The summer is upon us. Here in Norway we have had weather you would expect in march/april. But thats all good, because my vacation has been spent fixing up my house.

The low activity on this blog is expected to last until I am done with the house. I might very well bother you with some pictures when its finished.

In the time until that happens, feel free to feast your eyes on how bad my bathroom turned out to be, underneath the floor. Lets just say the new bathroom is expensive and we had to change 5 beams in the floor…

Here is the bathroom from hell

2 thoughts on “Summer vacation”

  1. I’m always fascinated by people who are handy men. I wouldn’t know where to even begin if I was to do any sort of redecorating at home. Sheesh, at my age I should really learn how to do it, shouldn’t I?

  2. Help Desk Software

    Hmm, physical handyness…no…virtual handyness….very much so. Do not ask me to put up wall paper heh.

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