Internet Explorer 6 and CSS frustrations

Right now I am working on the “2006 edition” of – a site that has been live since 2002 and has markup that should make my stomack turn – if I wasn’t so used to it by now.

So now its all XHTML and CSS. And with that its all CSS-frustrations, especially with Internet Explorer.

But Jensa knows how to cheer me up. Check out this gem (for however long it stays):

/* fix for the IE 1px-off margin error */

* html .StupidIEMarginHack { margin-right: 1px; }

* html .StupidIEWidthHack { width: 100%; }

Quite briliant, especially when you consider the source. But still a bit redundant for all of us that has had to struggle with IE and its terrible handeling of CSS. Lets hope IE 7 will do a LOT better.

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