Apple got it again

Apple seems to have understood the power of bluetooth, and doing it right.

Apple – Bluetooth

Apple will start offering the D-Link USB Bluetooth adaper with support in OS X in April. It will be their wireless technology for devices/peripherals.

I have been using Bluetooth between my mobile and laptop for a little while now – First having to use a lot of time figure out how to connect the two (with no help to get from neither Ericsson nor Fujitsu-Siemens, and almost no information on the web). My bet is that Apple will have it right in the first go. The technology should make it very easy to make connection between devices easy, but at the current state of most Bluetooth implementations, it seems like it is still in the beta statges (when it comes to ease of use/setting up).

Hmm, maybe I should go get myself one of those new iMac’s..

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