Arrived in San Francisco

Ok, I am here : North America > United States > California > Localities > S > San Francisco

Damn it was hard to get out of SFO Airport. I don’t think they want you to leave from there, and I could teach them a thing or two about how to do the information better. I used an hour to find where the damn shuttels where. Well, to be honest – after an hour I gave up and found an independent shuttle with a very nice former-oil driller as the driver, and got myself to the hotel :-)

On the way over I checked for connectivity in at Heathrow Airport (London). I couldn’t find any Wi-Fi Hotspot, and couldn’t connect with my cell either. I think I figured out what the cell-phone problem was, so might have access when I am going back in a week. (Lets just say, there are several ways to skin a .. ehh.. dog).

San Francisco is nice today, the weather is good and I am about to set out on a walk-about. Will see where the shoes lead me :-) Sitting at an Internet Café 10 meters from the hotel and checking my e-mail. Nice to be able to just hook up the laptop and sit here with my own setup. :-)

The bad news is that there was no hotspot to connect to here in San Francisco. Even if I am on the 25th floor. I can “see” a lot of networks, but there are no Boingo or other kind of networks that will allow me to sign up. Was for a moment tempted to look for some other ways to gain access to the networks I can see, but ended up thinking that its better to keep it clean :-)

Will give you all the heads up on the conference that starts on tuesday. Going to the automat-games museum tomorrow, and will do some video shoots there. Didn’t get to install any video-editing tools on the laptop, so the video won’t be posted untill I am back home.

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