Dan Gillmor on Journalism 3.0

Dan writes about his recent experience with how integrated weblogs have become already:

Yesterday at PC Forum, I was part of a key moment in this evolution.

I was blogging a session on wireless technology, and wrote something about SkyPilot, one of the presenting companies. Duncan Davidson, SkyPilot’s CEO, finished his presentation and sat on the podium, reading on his laptop, while other people talked.

Then, in the Q&A, he corrected something I’d written in the blog. In other words, he’d caught this in near-real time and had better information (he should). I immediately posted another paragraph, which began, “I’ve been corrected….”

Whoa. I’m still not entirely sure what happened. But I do know this. My journey in journalism hit a pivot in that moment. Maybe journalism itself hit a pivot point, as pretentious as that sounds.

Silicon Valley | 03/27/2002 | Journalistic Pivot Points

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