FlashForward over for this time

Still majorly disapointed about the lack of internet connectivity at FlashForward, not being able to post from there is probably made me not post as much as I would have in other circumstances. Oh well, their loss – or something like that.

Did some interesting interviews today for FlashMagazine, and we have some really good writers that just might do some articles for us, I really hope that will happen. We are going to be putting up some video clips on the web, with streaming stuff that should be really neat, I will let you all know more when we get closer to it. Going to be interesting to start working with video, at least I have the content, now lets see what I can do with it. :-)

The next FlashForward will be held in New York City on the 10th to the 12th of July in the New Yorker Hotel, it will be a small event like this one, probably seating less people that this one (850, of which 750 tickets was sold). But it will be a three day event with workshops and two tracks – so there should be more to it than this. Mind you, all the speaches of this conference was great (anything else, and I would have suggested that they find other things to do). I especially liked the video with Flash MX that Danny Mavromatis of ESPN.com had, and the last speach of the conference by Steve Belfer of Warner Bros. Online about “Deconstructing Animation: Looney Tunes Unleashed”. The ESPN.com one was a lot more usefull, but both was very well presented. (As was all the other speaches).

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