Macromedia MX

Macromedia has a bunch of announcements today. Hopefully all the new exciting stuff won’t overwhelm people too much.

The press releases (for those of you that are inclined to read those):

Macromedia Unveils New Integrated Product Family

Macromedia Studio MX Delivers Rich Internet Applications

Macromedia – Flash MX : Macromedia Flash Remoting

Macromedia Introduces Dreamweaver MX

Macromedia Introduces Fireworks MX

Macromedia Introduces ColdFusion MX

Macromedia and IBM Bring ColdFusion to WebSphere

Macromedia and Sun Bring ColdFusion to Sun ONE

The gist of the message is: Macromedia is releasing their MX products. For me some of the more exciting news are better glue for all their web products, to do things like connecting to and making available web services, using Flash to connect to web services etc.

For ColdFusion developers, the news of ColdFusion MX being able to run on any major Java Application platform is great news.

ColdFusion has been expanded with the capability of making web services / server services with:

– ColdFusion

– ColdFusion Components

– Server Side ActionScript (!) (Which is, more or less JavaScript).

– Java

The connections between ColdFusion MX and Flash MX or a .NET server, j2ee servers, actually – unless I have missed something here – you can use any web service strapped server to be the gateway for Flash and web services. Mike Chambers provided the following links to the Flashcoders list just some hours ago:

Macromedia Flash Remoting

Getting Started with ColdFusion MX and Flash Remoting

Connecting ColdFusion MX and Macromedia MX

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