Why RTFM Won’t Work: Documentation As Narrative

Russ Lipton writes about documentation. I must say I share many of the same thoughs about the lack of documentation for a lot of products/technologies. (Hey John, are you reading this?).

I haven’t really gone deep into Radio, but what I have seen – is that they are using their own tool (eating their own dog food) for documentation. Not sure if I like it or not, I must say that in everyday work I put in high regards the documentation for PHP – which to me is a meeting of official documentation of functions etc. and the community of developers that code in PHP and find their own best solutions and share their experiences in user added notes to the documentation mixed together with active moderators. All in all the mix put together at php.net works really well. I wish the commercial companies would get something resembeling php.net’s greatness up and running.

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