Blogger RSS?

Boy am I ever looking forward to Blogger adding RSS output. According to their web pages RSS generation is going to be added soon. Why is it such a big deal for me? Well, to be able to cover as much info as possible, I like to have it in one place, or to be more exact – I like to read RSS feeds through Amphetadesk. It is a small program that fetches RSS feeds from sites I want to keep updated on, and displays the latest stories from them in one single web page. It really saves me a lot of time. But these days a lot of the people I want to keep updated with, like Branden Hall, John Dowdell and lots of others are using Blogger and not making available any RSS feeds.

So my hope is that Blogger soon will be making RSS feed generation available for all their users. To me it seems like a pretty basic function that should be available to all weblog’ers.

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