Follow up: Wired writes about Flash Blogs

Not a big surprise that the Wired article about Flash Blogging spawned a lot of comments from the Flash Blog community. Among the more interesting comments were Branden Hall’s Wired Up and Blogging, with comments from some other well known Flash bloggers, and Mike Chambers comments about the Flash blogs:

It was John Dowdell who really drove the idea internally at Macromedia. Also, David Burrows’ FlashBlog really helped me to realize how useful a tool the weblogs could be.

When it comes to negative feedback, Meg Hourihan aka Megnut has some concerns regarding the Macromedian Flash blogs. Among her concerns are that some of the blogs doesn’t flag the writers affiliation. I don’t see the problem myself, its not hard to figure out where these guys work if you really want to know. And the weblogs they are running are more personal than professional in my opinion.

John Dowdell has some answers to Megnut’s concerns.

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