Macromedia spotlights Flash MX community sites

Macromedia – Designer & Developer Center : Featured Community Site

This is the first article in a new series that will periodically highlight Macromedia Flash MX community sites. These sites offer some of the top resources on using Macromedia Flash MX anywhere, and they provide information in the form of tutorials, articles, and forums. Most importantly though, they help define and foster the Macromedia communities – which are the single best and most important resource for information on the Macromedia MX tools.

First time around they are spotlighting, with an indept look at the history of the site, what is there when it comes to MX resources – and what is to come.

What does the future hold for Ultrashock? Look for Ultrashock v.2.0 to expand the amount and types of resources that it currently offers, such as a new 3D tutorial section with exclusive content from Swift 3D.

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