OpenOffice 1.0

At the beginning of this month OpenOffice released version 1.0 of their office suite. I haven’t had the time to check it out before now. I used to use Sun’s StarOffice (which is now out in version 6.0, selling for about 80 dollars).

OpenOffice 1.0 is an impressive package, and is replacing StarOffice 5.2 on my system. Its available for all Linux, Solaris and Windows. For Mac OS X there is a beta available.

OpenOffice 1.0 is noticably faster to start than StarOffice 5.2, and its not trying to pretend it is a desktop (like StarOffice does). All in all it looks very promising.

BTW: If you were wondering, the OpenOffice office suite does support the Microsoft Office formats, and can open and save Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. documents. The native file format is based on XML, and I am going to start investigate if it could be used to hook into SOAP/XML-RPC products. There seem to be some work being done on OpenOffice web service integration already.

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