Want WAP/mobile software worth US $15 Million for free?

The wireless portal Room 33 has gone bankrupt, and the people behind the portal has released their software as free open source. The name of the software package is Hambo. The platform is based on Java, XML and WML

Hambo is fully GPRS, UMTS, PCS, GSM ready. The Hambo platform includes built-in applications such as e-mail, calendar, ring-tone and icons, my-wap page, news, weather and community.

5 thoughts on “Want WAP/mobile software worth US $15 Million for free?”

  1. send it to me plzzzzzzz!

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    i am sorry you have been bankrupted by “well that’s liFe”

  2. Someone have to die to give another live.

    I’ll try to setup a gsm portal using this source code, but is it completely for download ?

    I’ll appreciate the comments

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