1st Movement Flash RSS Reader

Phil’s initial work on a Flash RSS reader has spawned another great Flash based RSS reader.

Ming Chan has made a Multiblog Flash RSS Reader, it allows you to read three weblogs at a time, save your three favorite weblogs using the Flash MX shareobject, and refresh the feed to update the newsfeed.

Ming says he will be working on adding automatic refresh of the feeds every x minutes, UI enhancements like rollover effect that shows actual external links, font sizes, colours, font types etc. And the ability to delete your saved settings (reset to default setting).

Ming is also working on a Win32 executable version of the reader. I think he should make a Mac version too, after all – its not much work to make Flash MX projector files.

Another thing I think he should add is the ability to actually add RSS newsfeeds to the RSS reader, that way the user would have access to any RSS feed out there, though the RSS reader. But overall this is great work, I am sure there are many that would love to have this tool as a projector file to run on their own computer.

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