Autodiscover RSS feeds with Amphetadesk and Radio

This is worth spreading the word about: Autodiscovered RSS feeds

By adding one line of HTML code in your weblog, you will enable users of Amphetadesk and Radio to subscribe to your RSS feed with the help of a bookmarklet.

HTML Code:

<link rel=”alternate” type=”text/xml” title=”XML” href=”” />

Bookmarklet for Radio

Bookmarklet for Amphetadesk

The bookmarklets should work in IE 5.+, Netscape 6+, and Mozilla.

The HTML tag is a standard HTML tag, and will allow various applications/servers/spiders to find your XML feed. It can only be good to add it to your site, IMHO. So lets make the future happen right now, and make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for.


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