Follow up: Nielsen to make “best practices” document for rich internet applications in SWF

Chris MacGregor has written a very good reply to Jakob’s latest addition to his “Flash 99% Bad” paper. You did notice that he has added text to it now, text that I am sure wasn’t added because of the job he now has gotten for Macromedia, after all – he is a serious researcher and have more integrity than that, right?

Read Chris’s: The Cooler: An Open Letter to Jakob ‘MX’ Nielsen

Nielsen himself weighs in on the announcement with an addendum to his Flash: 99% Bad column, but unlike the other posts, Nielsen’s is filled with factual errors and misplaced back-patting. Let’s take a look and correct the errors and offer credit where it is due

Chris knows a whole lot about Flash and usabiltiy. If you are interested in this debate, you should take the time to read what he is saying.

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