Heard about Palladium?

In case you haven’t heard about it. Lets first start with the marketing hype about this new concept from Redmond:

Palladium is intended to become a new platform for a host of yet-unimagined services to enable privacy, commerce and entertainment in the coming decades. “This isn’t just about solving problems, but expanding new realms of possibilities in the way people live and work with computers,” says product manager Mario Juarez.

After reading that article (on MSNBC), I think the two url’s Doc Searls provide today are interesting reading.

The Register focus on how Palladium might affect GPL software (in “MS to eradicate GPL, hence Linux”):

So to validate Harry, and to update his Master Data File — two bits of business integral to the Palladium scheme — I’ll need hardware, an OS and a server compliant with Redmond specs. Now MS says they’re going to make the sources to the core of this technology open. But considering Microsoft’s white-knuckled terror of Linux and open source products in general, combined with its established penchant for mining its products with hidden little pissers for the competition, I don’t think it’s paranoid to imagine that I may have to turn to a packaged product from a major MS partner/collaborator or a Linux distributor who’s gone to the bother of obtaining certs for the kernel and the apps. But either way we’ll have major GPL problems, as we’ll see below. Indeed, this is going to be something of a reductio ad absurdum

A little more technical insight into what Palladium is/will be can be found over at Digital Identity World

Doc Searls writes about it at Linux Journal and on his weblog

[Via Doc Searls]

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