The Web Standards Project and Dreamweaver MX

Dreamweaver is a tool that has been in my toolbox since its 1.0 version. From the start Dreamweaver was a lot better than its competitors. I could easily mention a lot of HTML editors that never have gotten as close to rendering good HTML as Dreamweaver. But the tool was far from perfect.

John made me aware of the work of the Dreamweaver Task Force, which is a project of The Web Standards Project (WaSP).

WaSP worked together with Macromedia on the latest version of their HTML editor, Dreamweaver MX. Although the pages at WaSP does not go into any evalutation of each of the objectives for the Dreamweaver Task Force, it does spesify the primary and secondary objectives that the taskforce had when working with Macromedia and the Dreamweaver developers. And it seems like they are reasonably happy with the results.

To me Dreamweaver MX has become an even better and more important tool, and with the inclusion of Homesite, its going to become on of the most used tools in my toolset in the years to come.

[Via JD on MX]

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