Viewer Screwer – the war of the ActionScript viewers and obfuscators is on

You might have heard of ASV (ActionScript Viewer) and Sothink SWF Decompiler MX 2002 Pro. Both are programs that allow you to decompile SWF files and peek into the ActionScript code (and get access to other resources in the SWF file too).

Not everyone thinks is such a nice idea that people can peek into your code. Earlier crafty ActionScript gurus have found code that would crash the viewers, now there is a product that is supposed to take care of the “problem”. Anyone else think that this is starting to look like an arms-race?

The new program is called Viewer Screwer (still in beta). For now you can view the announcement of the program

The funniest part of the whole thing is Burak’s (Creator of ASV) comments to the news item about the “Viewer Screwer” obfuscator on Mike’s weblog:

It’s a well known idea, what matters is that it’s actually implemented here.

I didn’t like the name “screwer” personally though.

And I don’t think an online version will survive when offline versions from other developers get released.

ASV will be updated so that it will display more readable names for vars, labels, etc. just like Robin suggests :)

[Via mesh on MX]

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