ActionScript: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition in the making

Coolin Moock’s ActionScript: The Definitive Guide is the best ActionScript book you can find out there, and now Colin has announced that he will be making ActionScript: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition, the mini-site includes a FAQ that should answer most of your questions about the book project, including:

When will asdg2 be available?

As usual, I indent not to rush the book. O’Reilly and I prefer to publish books that add a lot of value, not merely rehash the Macromedia documentation. This requires an incredible amount of research, testing, and technical editing. When a formal launch date is determined, O’Reilly will make an official announcement.

I can’t wait for it to be released, but take your time Colin – we want more of your high quality work :-)

[Via FlashGuru]

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