Wi-Fi in the park

Interesting article in the New York Times today: Escaping to Bryant Park, but Staying Connected to the Web

It was the perfect collision of technology and nature, at least the way Oren Eckhaus, a Brooklyn photographer, describes it. He was surfing the Internet on his Apple Titanium PowerBook one day last week and a leaf fluttered in a light breeze and landed on his keyboard.

“I’m surrounded by all this technology, and this leaf falls — that is so amazing,” Mr. Eckhaus said, sitting in the shade on a bench in Bryant Park last week. “Nothing like that can happen at home, except the coffee can spill on your computer.”

The really neat part about this project in Bryant Park, New York City, is that the access is made available for free. Currently there are more than 70 hotspots in NYC that are publicly accessible and free, all run by NYCwireless

Now if I could only convince some of the parks in Oslo to buy into this idea, and I would get a lot more fresh air and sunshine :-)

[Via Dave Winer]

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